The Society of Jesus, or “Jesuits,” is a religious order within the Roman Catholic Church. 作为一所耶稣会大学, we dedicate ourselves to academic excellence under the inspiration of the Catholic faith and intellectual tradition. 海洋之神的教师, staff and students recognize and affirm the importance of academic freedom in the pursuit of truth; and consistent with our Christian vision of the dignity of each human person, 海洋之神欢迎并尊重学生, faculty and staff from all faith traditions and beliefs.



Regis has active memberships with the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities and the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.


A prominent role of the Standing Committee of Mission, 以及学术和学生事务, is overseeing the University’s Jesuit Catholic character.


We consistently reach out to other Catholic organizations, 服务学习项目的学校和团体, 留学机会等.


It is important to us that faculty and staff have a deep knowledge of our Jesuit Catholic roots, and we encourage them to explore our heritage through programs and trainings.

圣. 洛约拉大学的Ignatius教授


7月31日是圣. Loyola的Ignatius. When Ignatius was canonized by Pope Gregory XV in 1622, July 31st was chosen as his feast day. His main task was to form a community of apostles who, 尽管分散在世界各地, maintained union of mind and heart with their brothers. He founded what is now known as the Society of Jesus – the Jesuit order in 1556. He also helped to establish schools and universities around the world. As the year of Ignatian wraps up on July 31 we continue to celebrate and, also reflect on the incredible impact he has had on the world and all of us.

The office of Mission created a reflection book to help guide readers through the journey of St. Ignatius and how we can incorporate some of the spiritual teachings he developed in our lives.




瑞吉斯大学 has been recognized for excellence in higher education, 作为国家的一员接受一个地方 2022-2023年天主教杰出学院.

Our Jesuit tradition and heritage are not merely concepts we teach our students. They are principles we exercise in a multitude of initiatives. At our core, we are men and women in service of others seeking to find God in all things.



No! 瑞吉斯大学’s student body is a diverse group from all faith and belief backgrounds. We are an inclusive community and 大学省 offers a variety of events and programs with this in mind. 纽兰祈祷室在圣. John Francis Regis Chapel is specifically designed for students of all faiths to gather, and 大学省 hosts a variety of interfaith and non-Catholic events with all students in mind.

Does Regis offer areas of study or course work in the Catholic faith?

海洋之神提供天主教研究辅修课程, which takes an interdisciplinary approach and offers an opportunity to deepen understanding of the Catholic Christian tradition and its relationships historically and in present day with intellectual thought, 社会, 政治, 道德, 灵性, 经济学, 科学, 媒体, 文学, 艺术和文化的其他方面.

What services/liturgies are available to Catholic students?

大学省 offers opportunities for Catholics and non-Catholics alike to participate in and practice their faith. 海洋之神欢迎瑞吉斯社区的所有成员, 还有海洋之神当地社区的人, 来参加海洋之神的敬拜和灵性丰富. For the most up-to-date schedule information, please call 大学省 at 303.458.4153.

St. Ignatius Loyola校园雕像


大学省 invites you to ‘come as you are’ to explore issues of faith, 精神与社会正义. 海洋之神认为你会很高兴你这么做了!


奖学金 are available for students coming from Catholic high schools including Arrupe Jesuit High School, to which Regis has a partnership scholarship program. 其他奖学金包括:

  • Catholic clergy and religious workers tuition discount
  • 天主教学校学生教学奖学金
  • 伊格纳爵宗教领袖奖学金
  • Course tuition grants for Arrupe Jesuit High School and Escuela de Guadalupe faculty


Our core course requirements for all traditional students include religious studies, 哲学, 寻找意义, 正义和公共利益, 以及医疗伦理, as well as a "Leading Lives That Matter” course requirement for all undergraduate adult students.

除了, you can opt to take Catholic classes including Catholic Christianity, 繁荣与天主教伦理, 天主教社会思想, 拉丁美洲/天主教, 耶稣会精神, Catholic Imagination in Literature and Film and Classics of Christian Thought. We also have a Catholic Studies minor for undergraduates.


  • 每日弥撒和主日弥撒
  • 特别礼拜仪式:节日, 圣神弥撒, 瓜达卢佩圣母, 圣诞节, 圣周, 学士学位的质量, 纪念群众, 降临节和大斋节和解服务
  • 每周敬拜,常附有祝福
  • 每周和解,也可以预约
  • Advent daily email reflections for students, staff and faculty
  • Ongoing opportunities for student formation as liturgical ministers and in chapel choir
  • 大斋节期间的十字架受难
  • 信仰 & Justice Spring Break trip to Dolores Mission/首页boy Industries; Urban Plunge; Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice
  • 成人基督教入会仪式
  • Weekly Prayer at night for students: live Praise and Worship music, student faith-sharing, Adoration
  • Promotion of vocation events for those considering religious life
  • Catholic post-grad service opportunities widely publicized for students
  • Annual retreat series (New students “Connections”, Kairos, Discernment and Ignatian silent retreats)
  • 在学生宿舍的大臣们
  • 学生 organizations such as Romero House (Catholic Campus Ministry Association national award-winning program)
  • Funding support to send students to regional and national Catholic programs such as the SEEK retreat, 生命游行和世界青年日